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About the nursery

Originally trading as Cornovium Snowdrops in Cheshire, we relocated to the beautiful border town of Oswestry in December 2017. The property contained a derelict plant nursery that has a stream running around the boundary called the Morlas Brook. On transferring all of our plants from Cheshire to Shropshire we realised that over 20 years we had amassed large quantities of other bulbs and plants aside from our snowdrops. Seeing an opportunity to increase our plant offering to our customers, we decided that we needed a new name to trade under. We picked Morlas Plants in honour of the brook that never runs dry, even during the hot summer of 2018.

When we purchased the property we made the decision to run the nursery in an organic manner. No chemicals are used, we recycle plastic pots and we grow all our plants in peat-free compost. Our sales snowdrops are grown in netted tunnels to protect them from narcissus fly during the spring months. We have limited the amount of grass cutting that we do around the property and have already seen an increase in the number of birds, insects and wildflowers during the first 18 months.

Our plans, now that we have more space, is to start breeding our own cultivars of snowdrops and Erythroniums. We already have a number of naturally sown snowdrop seedlings that we have named and which we will be offering for sale in the near future. Our long term breeding program’s objective is to produce strong growing, garden-worthy plants, that can be easily identified in any snowdrop collection. We are also looking to expand our collections of Anemone nemorosa, dwarf narcissus and trillium.